Pistol Whipped By You Again

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Stories

Our singer really likes flowers. And what can we say? A lot of Silo songs are written about girls. And love. And sex. After all, we know that sex sells.

Pistol Whipped” is a playful twist on a few puns. Obviously a “pistol” is a gun, but a “pistil” is also the female reproductive organ of a flower, and a flower meaning, well, you know…

The dual meaning of being “pistol whipped” and being “pistil whipped” gave us a great jumping-off point to touch on the addiction of love, sex, power, and also use the “pistol” imagery to illustrate being gunned down.

“Baby, rise, take your aim

Play along with the game

Shoot me up, load the vein

Squeeze the trigger, ease my pain


Fire away! There’s nothing left for you to say

Fire away! I’m all strung out on you again”

Not to get too sappy, but when you’re in the thralls of dependency, whether it’s love or another drug, there’s a point where you’d rather be without anything than without your addiction. It’s that much a part of you, and it’s a fight everyday. Whether that day you are beating your demons or losing to them, it’s a struggle that many face.

As well as a nod to the plight of addiction, “Pistol Whipped” is still an upbeat rock song that we feel will have a unique meaning for each listener. Whether it’s love, whether it’s sex, or whether it’s something else that you’re battling, like work, school, family, or mental health, we ALL face these demons and want you to know that we are in this together.

The soft breakdown of “Pistol Whipped” features our prominent use of fiddle, and is a beautiful break from the heavier verses and choruses. It’s a symbolic placement of something beautiful amidst the chaos and violence of asking to “Fire away!”

“Pray for why, and not the how…”

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